Dragon and Phoenix Couple Necklace

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Dragon and Phoenix Couple Necklace

$29.99 $60.00 -51% OFF



Phoenix Benefits

Phoenix, the beautiful beacon of feminine power is the goddess of all winged creatures, able to foster prosperity and good fortune. Because it rose out the ashes, the Phoenix is also a representation of rebirth, revitalization, and perpetuity, as well as the light of hope, which is a major foundation in human life. For those who are suffering in life, the Phoenix will bring material gain to restore comfort and stability.

The Phoenix, a magnificent large bird, is one of the four celestial animals. It is an important symbol in Feng Shui, as it holds many desirable traits. The Phoenix is ideal for singles that are looking for love. It is mainly an emblem for females; as opposed to many other Fengshui figures which best benefit the patriarch of the family, the Phoenix will serve the matriarch most effectively.

The matriarch of the family or a lady will be rewarded with wellbeing and luck when wearing a phoenix pendant. It empowers women and gives them the strength in the face of adversity. This will also enhance the luck of singles to find the right suitor.  Feng Shui Phoenix will help single individuals to seek their soul mate and foster a blissful, healthy marriage.

Jade Benefits

If you’re thinking of starting a new business or project, and you need to plan for financial longevity, Jade is the crystal to turn to. It’s that crystal that reminds you to stay wise, remain consistent, and keep working towards your prosperity goals.

Since ancient times, jade has been one of the most recognized crystals for prosperity, wisdom, and harmony. It is considered an extremely lucky stone and can promote the flow of prosperity and abundance into our lives.

Financial Benefits
  • It could also make you a money magnet.
  • Jade helps heal trauma or a scarcity mindset with money.
  • help recalibrate your energy so you can see all the abundance that’s around you, helping you trust that the universe will provide.
  • Jade is believed to bring luck.
  • Just like a four-leaf clover is considered a symbol of good fortune.
  • jade is thought to have protective, lucky-charm energy.
Emotional Benefits
  • A “dream stone”, Jade brings insightful dreams. 
  • Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity. 
  • It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. 
  • It increases love and nurturing. 
  • A protective stone.
  • Jade keeps the wearer from harm.
  • Brings harmony. 
  • Attracts good luck and friendship. 
  • It stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. 
  • Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. 
  • Stimulates ideas.
  • It aids emotional release, especially of irritability. 
  • Jade encourages you to become who you really are.

Health Benefits

  • Jade aids the body’s filtration and elimination organs.
  • It is excellent for treating kidney problems and adrenal glands. 
  • Jade removes toxins.
  • Rebinds skeletal and cellular systems.
  • Heals stitches. 
  • It assists fertility and childbirth.
  • Jade balances body fluids.

Spiritual Benefits

  • The healing properties of jade in the spiritual realm support happiness and harmony in family and work relationships.
  • It is said to promote material abundance while jade properties encourage a more relaxed state of being.
  • Jade in the spiritual realm is connected with nobility and their ideals.
  • Wearing jade gemstones promotes magic with the best of intentions while providing protection from deceitful or harmful entities in spirit work.


Obsidian Benefits

Health and Healing Healing

The black obsidian may be very good for health. It is a powerful stone, which may aid in digestion, as well as with some other digestive problems. Just like the aqua aura quartz, it may ease any gall bladder issues, promote good heart health, as well as lower the blood pressure level.

This stone’s healing energy, which comes from it may also benefit the muscle tissues. It may also assist with viral or bacterial infections, as well. It may also draw out the tension and stress from the body and replace it with relaxation and calm. Furthermore, it’ll also provide insight into what is causing the discomforts and pains, and it’ll reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.


The black obsidian is a lucky stone to possess, especially in terms of wealth. Mainly because it may turn bad luck to good luck. Everyone needs good luck from time to time, so this is a stone that you must never be without.

This stone may wars off the bad chi, as well as cleanse any negative energies that may affect your own decision making, the flow of thought, as well as your handle on your own emotions. You’ll be more practical in your own approach. You’ll not let your own emotions in taking over, yet you’ll do the right thing.

Love and Relationship

Just like most stones in the market today, the black obsidian is a good stone to possess if you want a happier love life. It isn’t precisely the stone of love, yet the healing energies that it has may assist in finding the love that you want or even deal with the issues you are facing in your relationship.

The black obsidian is essential in cleansing the auras –a process that will do good for you and may really bring a lot of positive changes. The stone is also essential in making you see clearly, yet that means as much as yourself as for your partner or relationship.

Dragon Benefits

Powerful Cleaning Stone

The dragon pendant can work as cleansing the toxicities from the body. It helps to clear out the negative energy and also creates an aura and establishes a sublimate to treat the infectious disease. However, as per the Feng Shui belief system, there are many diseases such as the supra-adrenal glands, spleen, and kidney-related diseases that can be treated by wearing the dragon pendant. 

Amazing Restorative Stone

If you are suffering prolong body ache, then nothing can beat the efficiencies of wearing the dragon pendant.  The dragon pendant helps to build the cellular system of the human body.

Balancing Stone

The material which is used in the dragon stone comes with the natural healing property, and it balances out the properties of the heart chakra which improves cardiovascular health. Other than that, it boosts the ability to communicate with strangers; it builds up the confidence level. It resolves the mental blockage and understands the emotions clearly. 

Protective Stone

Other than the health benefits, there are many spiritual benefits you can get from the protective stone. As per the Chinese belief, the dragon pendant can protect the evil energy. Those, who want to create a positive aura around them, they can certainly wear the dragon stone. 

Dream Stone

The dragon pendant has an ability to remove the negative thoughts from the dream it catches all the evil thoughts which can channelize the mind to function negatively. It also brings peace and therefore you can wear the dragon pendant to get the positive vibes. It also helps you to bring insightful dreams.


  • Material: Natural Jade / Obsidian, 925 Sterling Silver
  • Length: 51cm
  • Weight: 27g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Dragon or Phoenix Couple Necklace
Bring fortune to your whole family. Get one for yourself or your friends/family. 
VERY LIMITED STOCK! We sell out often. Consider buying two or more.


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📣 DISCLAIMER: Jade and Obsidian are natural stones. The color, shape and size may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique (like you!). Additionally, due to high demand and given the supply challenges as a result of COVID-19, all colors and styles are subject to availability. In the event of any supply difficulties, we reserve the right to substitute for another similar item without notice. For more information, please read: https://yoursoulplace.com/pages/size-color-disclaimer-statement

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🔍 End-to-End Tracking for Every Order

🎯 60-Day No-Risk Return Policy

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