The 22.02.22 Portal – A Life Changing Opportunity

The 22.02.22 Portal – A Life Changing Opportunity

# Do we only have portals on specific dates?

No. In fact, portals happen daily, however some dates have a greater force as they enter a precise numerical sequence, which aligns the energy of the year, month, day and time creating a powerful channel between dimensions.

Numerological Portals are an opportunity to connect with our Higher Self, through our internal portals, potentiated by this alignment that creates its own geometry in space/time. It's as if the entire universe has turned into a great symphonic orchestra in which everything that exists is in total harmony - as in classical music - and the great conductor of it all is the Creator of the universe.

22.02.22 = 2+2+0+2+2+2= 12
1 + 2 = 3

Specifically on 02.22.2022, the main energy is that of the number 3, coming from an energy 12 and in connection with the master number 22.

3 is the energy of the child, discovery and spontaneity. It is a frequency that tends to see the best side of things, to look at the world and life with positivity. This makes everything lighter, activates good mood, creativity and favors communication.

The great challenge of 3 energy is dealing with the repressed emotions and pain of the injured inner-child. That's why this day favors work of interiorization and healing of traumas that were forgotten. This is to release everything that has been somatized in the body so we can proceed with more lightness.

This conjunction favors a rebirth!

The 02.22.2022 marks a rebirth through the deep healing of traumas and pain of the soul, the healing of our wounded child. This is because it carries the energy of the number 3 as its mission to transcend the previous reality and bring to life a new way of connecting with life.

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